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Venue: Kathu Perde Klub
Date Start:2018-11-02
Closing Date:2018-10-31

Goudini Endurance Ride at Farm Torpedo near Rawsonville (R101),
End: 2018-11-03,

Goudini Endurance Ride at Farm Torpedo near Rawsonville (R101),
End: 2018-11-03,

Venue: Kathu Perde Klub
Date Start:2018-11-03
Closing Date:2018-10-31

Venue: Bona Bona Nature Reserve
Date Start:2018-11-09
Closing Date:2018-11-09

Venue: Bona Bona Nature Reserve
Date Start:2018-11-10
Closing Date:2018-11-06


Geagte Erasa lede

Hieronder sal julle die SAEF fooie vir 2019 sien met gepaardgaande inligting.

Lees ASB aandagtig die hele inligting stuk.

Hierdie fooie is verlede Saterdag hewig gedebateer tydens die SAEF ogm.

Met uitsondering van twee lede was almal gekant teen die verhoging.

Die SAEF tesourier en die president het pleidooie gelewer

Vier verskillende voorstelle/modelle is voorgehou vir stemming

SAEF Gauteng het ‘n begroting voorgele om die fooie af te kry na onder R500.

Ons ,Erasa, het ‘n voorstel van R600 voorgehou. Ek en Pieter het ogm bygewoon.

Op die end met stemming is die onderstaande model goedgekeur.

Ons versoek vriendelik en dringend dat alle ERASA lede hierdie besluit ter harte sal neem.

Daar is oneindig administrasie wat deur die SAEF kantoor hanteer word.

Ons, ERASA ,het ook kon beding oor die laaste jaar om aan ons ruiters “protea“ kleure te kon toeken.

Ons bly positief oor voortgesette toekenning van “protea”



16 October 2018


RE: SAEF OGM 13 October 2018 – Equidome Beaulieu




The annual SAEF OGM was held this past weekend. The meeting was attended by the SAEF EXCO, all 9 Provincial Federation Presidents as well as 14 of our 17 Discipline Associations.

The main item on the agenda was the 2019 Budget and the SAEF membership fees. Many points of view were expressed, resulting in four proposals being tabled. Ultimately consensus was reached after a vote was taken. The fees and early payment discounts as set out below were thus accepted by Council.

2019 Annual Subs (Fees are inclusive of VAT)

Non-FEI Junior 575-00 (R500 plus R75 VAT)

Senior 800-00 (R695-65 plus R104.35 VAT)

FEI Junior 625-00 (R543.48 plus R81.52 VAT)

Senior 850-00 (R739.13 plus R110.87 VAT)

For payments received by end December 2018, a 10% discount will be allowed; for payments received by end January 2019, a 5% discount will be allowed. Should payment not have been received by end February 2019, membership shall be considered lapsed.

Our sport is complex in that we have the SAEF as our National Federation, 9 Provincial Federations which serve as the representative offices of the SAEF in each of the provinces and, with equal standing in the composition of Council, we have 17 Discipline Associations (technically oriented) which include both FEI and non-FEI affiliates. The administration of such a Federation is, as can well be imagined, somewhat involved, especially when one takes into account the organizations both in South Africa and internationally to which the SAEF is affiliated.

The recognition by SASCOC and SRSA within the country, as well as by the FEI and all other international bodies to which the non-FEI Disciplines are affiliated, is of the SAEF as the only sanctioned controlling body of Equestrian sport in South Africa. The day to day running of such a complex model is quite onerous and a competent, experienced and effective team is required to ensure the desired result is achieved.

The Sports Act requires Sporting bodies to comprise Provincial Federations, Districts and Clubs. The SAEF is somewhat of a hybrid in that we also have our Disciplines connecting at both National and Provincial level to provide the technical expertise required for the correct running of the various Equestrian sports, especially with respect to the rules, officials, etc.

These DA’s have the same standing with the Provinces as far as representation in the SAEF is concerned. This has been condoned by SASCOC on a provisional basis and it is up to us all to make this system work as we feel it is best for our Federation.

The SAEF is therefore accountable to SASCOC and SRSA, not only in terms of the Constitution but also in terms of compliance with providing statistical and other information, application for national colours and numerous other matters. This, once more, requires permanent and consistent application.

The International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) is the only international governing body for the equestrian sports disciplines of Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Endurance, Vaulting, Reining, Carriage Driving and Para-Dressage in the World. The SAEF is the only equestrian body in South Africa that is recognised by and affiliated to the FEI. Affiliation fees based on the number of registered athletes are paid to the FEI each year, hence the differential between FEI and non-FEI Discipline members.

The non-FEI Disciplines for the most part also have international affiliations which require administrative support and interaction from time to time and any participation in international events either within or outside of South Africa has to be sanctioned by the SAEF. In this manner, the SAEF motivates the awarding of colours for the Athletes and teams involved.

It has taken some time to develop the SAEF and its substructures into a functional model and the fees required to drive the necessary funding are spread across the member base accordingly. It is a mammoth task to ensure compliance as far as membership is concerned due to the three points of entry that currently exist, namely Clubs, Disciplines and the SAEF – obviously this would be made easier by having a comprehensive database system but this is not achievable in the short term.

The Disciplines have committed to ensuring that all their members are both club members as well as SAEF members before they are permitted to participate in competitions. This will go a long way towards using our office resources for their intended purposes rather than policing membership and would hopefully result in the long-term effect of increasing member numbers and reducing their burden accordingly.

From the members’ viewpoint, even though membership is mandatory, it is important to recognize that the real benefits are fundamentally the participation in sanctioned, organized sport. What this means is that our members can attend events with the knowledge that the underlying structures are in place to ensure aspects such as fair play, safety, competence of officials, etc can be assured by virtue of organizers adhering to what is effectively the jurisdiction of the SAEF. Improvement of standards through coach education is an important on-going project, as is the provision of comprehensive Veterinary Regulations ensuring the Welfare of the Horse.

It is difficult to identify every benefit but suffice to say, the SAEF is run on a very controlled basis and any generation of surplus through cost cutting is committed to reinvestment into the sport. It is also responsible for accessing Lotto and SRSA grants where possible.

The current SAEF EXCO, supported by Council, is committed to ensuring effective financial control with the ultimate benefit of all its members foremost in the pursuit of improvement and growth of Equestrian Sport in South Africa.

Kind regards

Adv Willem Edeling

SAEF President

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