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Venue: Mosselbay
Date Start:2024-07-26
Closing Date:2024-07-24

Venue: Mosselbay
Date Start:2024-07-27
Closing Date:2024-07-24


Erasa is bewus van die sosiale media misbruik van enkele lede en selfs nie-lede in die onlangse verlede.

Erasa versoek lede om assblief dissiplinere optrede sy gang te laat gaan. Die tyds verloop is voorgeskryf in grondwet.

Erasa kan nie reageer op selektiewe aantygings nie. Die saak is sub judice.

Erasa verwys vriendelik na klousule 40 van SAEF grondwet wat handel oor sosiale media misbruik.


  1. With reference to the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, THE FEDERATION acknowledges, respects and supports the rights of freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, without however derogating from THE FEDERATION’s own entrenched rights to privacy (which includes its dignity and reputation) and to freedom of association. THE FEDERATION is aware of the reasonable and justifiable limitation on all the aforesaid rights in terms of section 36 of said national Constitution and what is to follow, is to be read in the context of the said national Constitution.

40.2 No person bound by THE FEDERATION’s Constitution may perform any act that brings Equestrian Sport, THE FEDERATION, or any of its members, officials or office bearers into disrepute or which injures them in their dignity; or which has the potential of doing so; or which has the effect or is calculated to have the effect of doing do.

40.3 In particular, but without affecting the generality of the a foregoing, such acts include the uttering, authoring or publishing of statements, articles or comments, verbally or in writing, or by way of social media or any other medium or method of communication whatsoever, and which are threatening, derogatory, obscene, indecent, seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, disparaging, racist, discriminatory, menacing, inflammatory, blasphemous, or defamatory.

40.4 “Social media” includes but is not restricted to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wikipedia, Flickr, MySpace, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube, internet postings, blogs and wikis, or any other like medium which may be created in the future.

40.5 Persons bound by this Constitution who author or publish statements, articles or comments, must make it clear that they are speaking on their own behalf and not on behalf of THE FEDERATION, and that their views do not represent those of the aforesaid bodies.

40.6 Persons bound by this Constitution may not use any of the FEDERATION’s logos, brand names, slogans or other trademarks without written permission from the Executive.

40.7 Persons bound by this Constitution may not divulge any of THE FEDERATION’s confidential or proprietary information without the prior written permission of THE FEDERATION.

40.8 THE FEDERATION may require any person bound by this Constitution to remove postings, comments or any other submissions made using social media that are deemed to constitute a breach of the above provisions. Failure to comply with such a request may in itself result in disciplinary action.

40.9 Failure to comply with the above provisions will render such persons liable to disciplinary action by THE FEDERATION, in addition to any other civil rights THE FEDERATION may have such as claiming damages for defamation.

40.10 THE FEDERATION’s right not to associate with any person, which includes banning any person, is expressly reserved.


Erasa onderneem om na afloop van dissiplinere proses ‘n ope dag te reel waar gegriefde lede met ERASAraad kan kom gesels.


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